Technology is merely an enabler to solve problems and not the solution itself. Cliched words like “Digital Transformation” are used often without giving heed to what could really solve a problem. An app, website or even a customised software is not a solution to a problem, it is just 1 tool to resolve the problem.

Why build an app when you can solve the problem with a responsive website

Why build a responsive web site, when one can use an existing “plug-in” for your existing website

Why use or build a “plug-in” when products from MS, Google, etc. can solve the problem.

Identifying pain points

Assessing which pain is immediate and which is larger. Immediate is more critical to resolve.

Do you really need a new solution or an existing off the shelf one ?

Understanding the kinds of solutions …do you really need an app, website or another ?

There are several “no code” platforms that offer quick solutions

Perhaps your team is already using some platforms and all that you need are “plug-ins” for the problem at hand!

Still unsure of the solution ?

We engage on Identifying solutions for your problems Off the shelf recommendations

 No code platform recommendations

We Consult. Design. Build. Maintain.

Web / native app solutions


Off the shelf products

Customized Development

Fractional team ownership (cost + 30%)