Leveraging all connections

The Why


When was the last time you used any form of physical identification to introduce yourself? When or how often do you share LinkedIn or any form of online identity to introduce yourself? Why are we still a number and not a real personality on the web to share our identity with?

Leveraging Networks

Hundreds of contacts in our phone book, but how many do we really reach out to when we need something? Why only 30 – 40 odd?


Google and LinkedIn are like directories. Amazon, Alibaba, etc offer products or services. But how do we find & establish trustworthy relationships for long-term engagement & collaboration?

The How

Building a product no one wants is the biggest waste of a startup. Too many entrepreneurs get excited with their idea of the startup, that they don’t address the biggest challenge, that, is your problem really a large enough problem to solve? Would your solution be interesting enough to use and importantly would users pay for the products or services?

We did 75 interviews that included both genders, gen-z, millennials, those in their 40’s, across professional roles, and across multiple industries.

Once our problem got quantitative validation, we started building our wireframe. Over the last few months, we demonstrated the wireframe/prototype to some of the top tech entrepreneurs to further narrow down the MVP.

The platform is under development as you read this.

About The Founder

Hi, I am Saurabh Goswamy, founder of el RED.

Infinite Tomorrow® is what defines me. The ability to look beyond the status quo, to identify problem statements even when not raised by customers, to bring forth EQ (emotional quotient), SQ (social quotient) & AQ (adversity quotient) into a product.

My 3 biggest strengths are:

Marketing / Branding – understanding consumer trends, expectations, building stories around products or services.

Cash Flows / Banking relationships – profits are important but cash flows are as important or more. Years of directly working with bankers, understanding how to ensure the enterprise never runs out of money is a skill I am very good at.

People to People – I am a natural people person. I thrive in forging new relationships and nurturing existing ones.

Is it really a problem that a customer needs to resolve? Building a product no one wants is the biggest waste of a start-up.
I bring 28 years of entrepreneurial experience to solve a problem using technology that has yet not been addressed.

Please do spare your time to view the videos that are on this website which explain even more than what a written note perhaps could. Feel free to write to us to discuss more on how we could, together, change the world on how it collaborates.




The Goals

Focus on the User

Very few products focus on the user and instead on the customer (the one who pays).

Our platform is singularly looking at addressing user pain points only. When the users come in, customers follow.

Utility over features

What is it for the user? Why would he or she download, onboard, or use the product?

Having amazing features has no meaning if the product does not solve a problem or scratch an itch.

Our platform offers multiple utility gains for the user. Our prototype will demonstrate it.


Defines itself when it is a mere facilitator to a sender and a receiver, giver and the taker…so on and so forth. We shall create and stay as a platform for all that we offer.


When you mean well to the customer it has to show in your product design, language used, service, and feedback.

At every step of the product, we are looking to embed EQ as a key design element.

Dating versus Marriage

Many platforms have a touch-and-go approach to their users. We are building our product that will nurture lasting relationships.

Our entire platform ecosystem is about building a long-term collaborative approach for our users.


The product through its identities and personalities is aiming to create authenticities.

Authenticity leads to long-term collaboration.

Abundance / Collaborative

Economies of abundance rely on what users are best at and outsource what others could do better.

Our platform follows this principle and everything we do would be designed for users to offer what they are best at and outsource what they may not be at.

Financial Runway


1994 – 2020.

As a co-founder of the family enterprise (Rex-Tone Industries Ltd. www.atinks.com), we have more than enough for seed capital. As the product-market fit is achieved we shall raise capital.

Leadership & Network


To those that may not be aware, YPO is a networking organization like none other in the world, with 29000 members worldwide and a $9 trillion economy in itself.

Other than leading my own enterprise, I have led YPO Gujarat for its term of 1 year and then YPO South Asia (India / Sri Lanka / Nepal) for two years, 2018 – 2020. YPO South Asia has CEOs of the top 1650 companies in the region and I have had the privilege of establishing incredible relationships with them including the top venture capitalists, tech entrepreneurs, bankers, etc.

Once you are keen to be part of our tribe, these connections will be demonstrated to you.

Why Join The Tribe?

Compensation and Benefits

You are you and that is your superpower

Discrimination happens in many ways. Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Race, Color, Language, Age, Academics, Physical attributes, etc. Feeling judged leads to an environment that is non-conducive for growth and we are strictly against it.


There will be hierarchies, but the hierarchies would be competence-based, relying more on peer accountability than on authority-based accountability, that is, accountability to someone who knows something, rather than to someone simply because they occupy a position, regardless of competence.


We believe that being right trumps being senior. That’s why all voices need to be heard, no matter what the level of experience is. Team members thrive in an environment where they can voice their opinions, ideas, and challenges without fear of reprisal.


Sharing metrics is critical to building visibility and trust. No one likes the feeling that they are being left out of the loop.

Review meetings would demonstrate how we ensure that each team is aware of what others are upto to achieve the common vision.

Career Opportunities

Job Role - Flutter Developer

Exp – 3 – 5 Years

Description – Looking for a Passionate Flutter Developer who has extensive knowledge of Dart and Flutter and has developed Android / iOS Applications in the past and has deployed them to Playstore / Appstore.

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Job Role - Node.js Backend Developer

Exp – 3 – 5 Years

Description – Looking for a Passionate Backend Developer who has extensive knowledge of Node.js, and MongoDB and has developed APIs in the past. Will be a big plus if the candidate also has extensive knowledge of AWS / Digital Ocean.

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Job Role - UI / UX Designer

Exp – 3 – 5 Years

Description – Looking for a Passionate UI / UX Designer who has extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop), Figma, and has developed Wireframes for Android / iOS Applications and Web Applications in the past.

The Idea candidate should understand business requirements and should create User Flows, Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes.

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